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VDE plug insert refers to the VDE laboratory in accordance with VDE national standard or European EN standard, or IEC International Electrotechnical Commission standards for electrical products for inspection and certification.  In particular, plugs, power cables, connectors, wires and cables, circuit breakers, electromagnetic switches, and other products are widely applied by many manufacturers to represent the symbol of quality. There are three main types of VDE plug inserts. The first one is 2.5A two poles plug inserts. Usually, call it a 2.5A European plug insert. The second one is a 16A two poles plug insert, usually call it Holland plug insert. The third one is a 16A 3 poles plug insert with earth clip, usually call it Schuko plug insert.
Jiadi established in 2000, located in Ningbo, east seacoast of China. The production covers an area of 7000 square meters. Since 2018 the German company TAA is merged with Jiadi who is well-known for its outstanding innovated products.
As professional China VDE Plug Insert Manufacutrers and oem/odm VDE Plug Insert factory, We focus on the production and sales of all kinds of csutom VDE Plug Insert all over the world, with an annual capacity of more than 400 million pieces. In the past 20 years, we only focus on one thing, make power cord much safer. Our company has a professional production, highly technical and quality management team.